I cried, I giggled, I gasped with both amazement and surprise. And the 3D was nice, not too obtrusive and still impressive.

Also: Oh, Loki. LOKI. Where do I even begin, you eternal trickster? ♥

(Also: Hobbit trailer #1 during previews. FHSjghsjkghs it's so pretty in 3D.)
Let's see if I still know how to work this thing.

I've been meaning to post at least a wee note about Avengers for over a week, but failed to do so. For some weird reason, it premiered in Finland on April 27th, ie ahead of the US premiere, and that almost never happens with big blockbusters. I was also lucky enough to get to see it two days before the Finnish premiere thanks to a workmate.

My reactions are under a cut because they're spoilery. Spoiler cut #1 )

In other movie news: this week, I saw Cabin In the Woods, and I'm a bit torn on that one.
Spoiler cut #2 )

Huh. That ended up being a bit longer than I thought it would be.


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