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Name:Don't call me Wingfoot
Birthdate:Jun 18
Website:My (incomplete) fic archive
empy entered the art world in 1902 as the brush-polisher of acclaimed transvestite and artiste Rudulph Ephistes. Early in her career her mentor became concerned for her health due to her habit of collecting loose brush hairs that she had plucked, and tossing them in salads of hemlock and monkshood with a nice vinagrette of her own recipe. Remarkably, this combination did not exterminate the vivacious painter, who went on to become famous for such works as "The Lower Tadfield Tinies" and "Girl Holding Flaming Spoon of Freedom". Ms. empy unfortunately expired in her sixtieth year, on her birthday, by choking on a soft sable, round, grade three, dipped in Prussian Blue. Her remains were interred in a local cemetery, but her gravesite was lost to posterity when her headstone was demolished by a freak lightning bolt, forever hiding the true site of her burial. The recipe for her famous vinagrette can be found preserved under plexiglass in the National Museum of Art, and is known to be regularly fixed at several prominent fine restaurants around the country.
-- Biographical sketch by tea_and_snark --

"Reality is for those who cannot handle Middle-earth."

Note: This journal contains explicit erotica (slash, that is) and coarse language. Deal with it.

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