I've seen the film twice so far, once at the midnight premiere at midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, and once on Thursday. The former in HFR 3D and the latter in 2D.

Right now, I'm too frazzled to attempt a coherent review (and I suck at them anyway), so here's a condensed version: thrilling, funny and dark by turns and really not a lot like the book even if most of what's in there is from some part of the wider canon. This isn't to say I didn't like it, not at all. I can deal with the deviations (that a lot of purists have found very grating - which is okay, they're entitled to their opinion), even if some of them confuse me a little, and I'll do the same thing as I did with AUJ and the LotR trilogy: give them their own place next to the book.

And now, to avoid sounding too serious, some things I loved:
- the visuals. The sets are gorgeous, and the sense of space you get in HFR 3D is amazing. Half of the reason I went to see it again so soon was that I wanted to catch all the little things I missed during the first viewing, which I spent gazing starry-eyed at the spectacle unfolding. *g*
- Mirkwood, particularly the sense of tarnished beauty that's slowly decaying.

... and hell, I didn't even find Tauriel all that annoying.


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