Below is a drabble I wrote for [ profile] caras_galadhon after one of our many strange conversations. She demanded asked me nicely to post it, so here it is. :) Be warned, it's all crack. (If you prefer to read/comment over on AO3, you can find the drabble here.)

Title: Agreement
Author: [ profile] empy
Characters: Thorin, Boromir
Rating: G (or Z for Zombies)
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the Professor. I'm just scribbling stuff.
Note: written for Galadriel, because she feeds my cracky bunnies.

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Title: Harebrained Ideas
Author: [ profile] empy
Fandom: The Hobbit (movieverse)
Characters: Balin, Thorin, Dwalin, Kili, Fili; implied Dwalin/Thorin if you squint
Rating: G (genfic)
Disclaimer: the characters belong to the Tolkien estate. No infringement is intended.
Summary: Desperate times call for desperate measures. And surely the step from toys to... other toys isn't that great?
Note: Yet another missfire fill. (I swear I don't seek them out...) Crackfic rather than angst or porn this time. *g* Written for the misfire "This is insane and possibly offensive. I love it!" over on the Hobbit kinkmeme. Originally posted anon here. Also available on AO3 here.

Harebrained Ideas )
I'm not responsible for this. No, wait, I probably am. If I hadn't said "But why is there no fic where √Čomer is part horse? It'd make sense" when [ profile] caras_galadhon mentioned fics where a member of the Fellowship is part (cuddly/dangerous/both) animal, she wouldn't have written brilliant centaur!Eomer crackfic for me, and it wouldn't have nestled in my brain only to pounce three days later.

It was like my pencil took on a life of its own. *shakes head* This is such crack, but I'm quite satisfied with the technical result. Okay, the scanning eliminated some of the shading, but I can't be bothered with fixing that right now.

What? There are weirder things out there. )

Any and all comments are more than welcome. I'm sane, I swear.
Note to self: do not read Sharpe and Fanny Hill at the same time. It will scramble your brain terribly.

Oh dear, now I want to write a horribly over-done slashy mash-up of Sharpe and FH... With Lawford as Fanny and Sharpe as Charles. Or possibly draw it in period-appropriate style and call it "Sharpe's Lilyboy". Aiee.


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