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( Jan. 7th, 2009 08:20 pm)
I've been silent for the past few days mostly because I've been feeling a bit meh and run-down. I suspect it's just residual holiday stress (you all know how I tend to run myself into the ground) and more looming academic stress, but knowing the probable cause doesn't really take the edge off it.

However, there have been glimmers of light in the othewise stress-filled gloom: I has LotR movie magazines! Thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] just_ann_now, you saved my day! :) *hugs*

Oh, and there's been another reason for the silence: my wireless internet has been acting like an absolute bastard for the past few days, and has either been spontaneously disconnecting itself or refusing to connect. Or, rather, refusing any incoming traffic. The usb modem connects like it should, tells me there's either HSDPA or WCDMA coverage with a signal strength of around 95%, but point blank refuses to download anything, so I have to sit staring at the infuriating yellow triangle hovering over the network icon in the taskbar. And this appears to be restricted to my flat. I visited my parents yesterday and hauled the laptop along just to see if the problem persisted in a different location. It didn't. No problems connecting there, but as soon as I got back to my own place and tried to connect, hello zero connectivity. This morning, my intarwebz went down and back up at the drop of a hat. Now it's up, but an hour ago it went down for no reason and stayed down for about fifteen minutes. Argh. Plz to stop right now.
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( May. 9th, 2008 02:01 pm)
Argh, this whole day (and week) is one big Do Not Want. The deadline for the interim report (thesis) is looming like a giant big looming thing, and I'm so stuck on the whole thing that I want to email the (temporary) supervisor and ask if I can just reschedule and present the interim report in August or something.

I've had most of this week to work on it, but I seem to have made very little progress. I keep getting stuck in the theory, snarling myself into the strands until I suddenly realize either that a) I can't use it, or b) I've misunderstood it. When I'm not getting stuck in theory, my neighbours try to drive me mad by hosting what seems to be a free-form fight in the stairwell. And did I mention we have craftsmen sandblasting the house? >_< If you think it's loud when you pass the house being blasted, try being inside it.

I have until Monday, granted, but I have work tomorrow, plus friend and family obligations that I'd feel terrible about skipping and which all eat time like mad. :( All those things considered, I technically have to finish this today. Halp.

(Sekrit note in Finnish for [livejournal.com profile] littlemimm and [livejournal.com profile] tackerama: eli näillä näkymin tulen taas käymään lauantaina mutten voi istua iltaa. :( Helvetti että mä vihaan omaa kykenemättömyyttä. Onhan mulla tekstiä, mutta se on niin sotkuista että itkettää.)
As much as I love snow, I'd really appreciate if it didn't always decide to start pelting down when I need to go somewhere.

I have a bit of a backlog of older snow pictures, since the weather has decided to go all Vicky Pollard on us: "Snow but no but yeah but no...". The snow stays on the ground for about a day if we're lucky, then it melts and stays away for a week or so before coming back, staying briefly and then melting... lather, rinse and repeat.

Agh. I'm currently all frazzled from trying to deal with all the things I need to get done before next week. At least I got all the translations done and sent out. (At ten past two in the morning.) One down, at least four to go, and I have work tomorrow. Do not want. *snarls*

Also: Gmail, you're quite free to stop withholding comments from me. I'm not going to start thumbtacking every post I reply to just to make sure I can track conversations, and your habit of randomly spitting out a stray comment here and there isn't amusing in the least.
To say today was a bit misty is an understatement. It was the densest fog I've seen in a long while. When I walked over to campus (which is right at the water's edge), the fog kept getting thicker and thicker, and down by the water, it was like a solid wall. The sun was still fairly high, so the light was pale and oddly spectral, and I wanted to wander around in the fog for hours, but I had to attend the thesis seminar. Bah.

I had enough sense to grab my camera before I headed over to campus, so I have pictures. I've only resized them and brightened them a fraction (gamma correction 1.10 for PSP people), so they're not shopped. *g* The fog really was that thick.


(Click for bigger versions.)

I even filmed it, though the quality is quite terrible. (I used my digital camera, so Panavision it ain't.) Glare from the sun and less-than-perfect quality video rendering is a bad combination. Still, you can get some idea of how dense the fog was. Note that this is a narrow strait (less than a hundred metres wide, I think), so there's an opposite shore somewhere behind the fog.
Vid or it didn't happen )

Now I want to write fic set in a mist-drenched Dol Amroth or Osgiliath. Gnn. I have so much else to do (and so, so many gift fics to finish).

EtA: fixed the terminology. It's fog, not mist, when it's this thick. Visibility was a few hundred metres, if that.
Interestingly enough, all of these are language-related. Even the icon* is.

Asshat of the week: the (presumed) second- or third-year student in my Translation Theory II lecture group who asked, in apparent seriousness: "But isn't intralingual translation a bit stupid? I mean, why would you do it?" *headdesk* I thought I was going to have a spontaneous brain aneurysm. Just. What. Someone should ask Roman Jakobson to come over and smack a bitch.

"Err, what?" discussion of the week: Translation Theory II participants listing what is needed when translating: "Pens! Ink! Paper! A printing press!" without stopping to consider that the first thing you need is two languages: a source and a target. *sigh* Abstract thinking must have taken a coffee break.

Funniest ad I've seen all month year: this completely worksafe ad for a porn channel. (Found on Smart Bitches Trashy Books.) I laughed so hard my tea went up my nose. Ow.

(*Note for non-Finns: 'kieli' means 'tongue' and has the same double meaning as 'tongue' has in English.)
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( Sep. 6th, 2007 07:42 pm)
I seem to have an M.A. thesis subject.

Before this Monday, the thesis had merely loomed in the future and been something labelled "To be dealt with", since I still have some courses left to finish. (It is generally recommended that you complete all your courses before starting work on your M.A.) So what happened on Monday? Well, I went to see the head of the department to ask about an advanced course and came out an hour later with a bunch of paper and a suggestion for a thesis. The dean had looked at the courses I'd taken, and then briskly noted "You're mostly done, so you should start working on your Master's thesis now. Sign up for the seminar so you can start. I have some material here that you could use." (For an approximation of the expression on my face when I heard this, see icon.)

I spent the next three days flailing around, trying to get my head around the subject and what material I might use (and boring all friends to tears with my incessant whining). Dead ends everywhere. I finally thought of another subject twenty minutes before the seminar lecture was due to start. I was intensively relieved when the new subject seemed to meet with the approval of the seminar supervisor (who is also the dean of the department).

The subject? It seems like it's shaping up to be an analysis of the translations of puns in the Swedish edition of Good Omens, with an eye to domestication/foreignization, translation tactics and culture-dependent expressions. I may regret this.
Today I learned something new about myself: when I try to speak Norwegian, everything I produce is prosodically Danish. Pitch, inflection, rhythm and occasionally even lexis.

Now, I know I can't speak Norwegian properly, and that my attempts generally are 80% Swedish with Norwegian words thrown in, but I wasn't aware of having such a strong prosodic bent toward Danish. (Which, by the way, I don't speak properly either.)

I have the Ukrainian guest researcher to thank for this new insight into my already strange linguistic behaviour. My interpreting teacher had signed us up as test subjects in one of his studies on... something. I think it was pauses in interpreting and retelling of short narratives. (As an aside: the researcher has one of the most fascinating accents I have ever heard. It's Ukranian/Russian and broadly Australian at the same time.)

I was asked to listen to and retell three short narratives in Finnish, then three narratives in Swedish, then simulataneously interpret three short pieces from Finnish to Swedish and three from Swedish to Finnish. I was also asked to retell a short Norwegian piece in Finnish and a short Finnish piece in Norwegian. This was when things got interesting. See, like I said, I don't speak Norwegian. I understand it fairly well, yes, but I certainly don't speak it with any degree of fluency. The researcher urged me to at least try, so I did, but the end result was more interesting than accurate. (One of my main problems with producing anything resembling spoken Norwegian is that it is too close to Swedish pitch- and melody-wise, so I over-compensate and end up speaking bastardised Danish instead.) He also asked me to tell short stories (two minutes) about a place I had never been to, in Finnish, Swedish and--wait for it--Norwegian. At this point, I was so bogged down in languages that I agreed. The Norwegian story ended up being the longest of them all (clocking in at about three and a half minutes), and when I finished, he was grinning broadly. "This is fantastic," he enthused. "Your Norwegian is almost exclusively Danish prosodically, even when it comes to the lexis." I apologized and repeated that I didn't really speak Norwegian. "No, no," he protested, "no need to be sorry, this is brilliant. This'll make for great research material." Err, yay? He also commented on how much he loves the sound of Danish, and that my speech had been pleasant despite being wrong prosodically.

I'll be meeting with him in April as well, to contribute some more material, and he was so grateful it was almost embarrassing. "I've exploited you so much, so feel free to ask for any favours." (Yes, he said 'exploited'.) We'd briefly discussed other languages during the test, and I'd mentioned I'd really like to pick up Russian again. He told me I'm free to come to him for refresher lessons or conversation if I so wish, and I may well take him up on that offer, provided I have the time.

Wow. That was long and boring and geeky.
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 10:06 pm)
Today's been a bit of a bumpy ride, really. The interpreting exercises were much more challenging than they usually are, and I felt completely wrung out after a half-hour Swedish-to-Finnish consecutive turn. Mind, the subject was legislature, something I'm not all that good at in either language. I nearly gave up once or twice, having snarled myself into a sentence or misunderstood where the speaker was going with a particular point, but I gritted my teeth and soldiered on. My hands shook the whole time, but I held on to my trusty clipboard (great when you're taking notes while standing) so hard my hand hurt and managed to look calm.

After the lecture, I had to bike to one of the local video stores to rent a few Swedish movies to watch with my students tomorrow, and as I prepared to bike back to campus to attend another lecture, I heard an ominous 'thunk' as I mounted the bike and began pedalling. Yes, the back tire was flat. I swore heartily, then remembered there was a bike repair show nearby and wheeled the bike there. Long story not-so-short: I had to walk back to campus, attend three quarters of the lecture, then walk back into town to get my bike before the repair shop closed and also pay 40e for the pleasure of having the back tire changed and my breaks adjusted. (To be fair, the repairman also changed the brake pads, something that really needed to be done.) And boy, had the brakes been adjusted. I'm used to the front brake being really loose, meaning I have to brake hard to get it to work, and when I biked off home, I assumed the brakes would still be a bit loose despite having been adjusted. (They were a bit floppy when I'd last had them fixed at a different repair shop.) I was wrong. When I had to brake at a zebra crossing and grabbed hold of both brakes rather hard out of habit, I nearly went flying over the handlebars. The front brake is now so sensitive you barely have to close your fingers around it to have the brakes slam on. Takes some getting used to.

The weather was so cold that my legs felt like they belonged to someone else when I finally made it home. My cheekbones also hurt fiercely, despite the fact that I wore my scarf pulled up over my nose and cheeks. It's only about -18°C here, but the wind chill makes it murderous. And they've promised -18° and 4 m/s for tomorrow, which equals -26,5°C of wind chill. My class(es) begins at 08.15, meaning I have to get up really early, and runs to 15.15. Do not want.

However, all was not bad today, as I also managed to write almost 500 words of challenge ficlets (for the old requests, you'll be glad to hear) and played around with ideas for the new ones. And the lentil stew I made when I came home turned out excellent. And I found a terrifically geeky old (well, seventies) book on word elements in modern biochemistry for only 20 cents in the used book sale bin at the library. Stop laughing. I like etymology.

I'll leave you with a snip from a BBC article that amused me for no other reason than that the medical professional has a lovely name:
Professor Richard Sharpe, principal investigator at the MRC Human Reproductive Sciences Unit in Edinburgh said the study was yet another indication that naturally occurring plant products can have an effect on human hormones.

Professor, eh? Dick Sharpe, gone from havercake to hormone specialist... Did Baird lure him to Edinburgh? (It's even funnier due to the fact that I was taking a break from typing up Sharpe fic notes when I read the article.)
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( Feb. 13th, 2007 01:38 pm)
'cause all the cool kids are doing it. ;)

My Valentinr - empy
Get your own valentinr

To be honest, I'd almost forgotten all about Valentine's Day. Comes with living in a country that still hasn't quite caught on when it comes to Valentine hysteria, I suspect. (Well, that or the fact that I've been crazily busy, tired and ill of late.) Our version is, to an extent at least, about friends and loved ones rather that crushes. And I've always been a bit 'meh' about it anyway.

You know, that last bit sounds a bit too negative. Bah.
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( Feb. 8th, 2007 07:25 am)
It's -24°C here and I have to bike across town to teach three and a half hours of Swedish in about an hour. After that, I have to bike to uni, fast, in order to be on time for the 12-14 lecture on language planning and domain loss. Which will be held in Danish.

And my throat is dry and raspy, making me constantly thirsty and inclined to cough.

Do not want.
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( Dec. 7th, 2006 06:04 pm)
Bah. Today's been a bit annoying.

I was due to give a presentation on a Nordic phenomenon for a course, and of course I was last on the list, meaning I would have to rush through my presentation. Fine by me, really, as mine (on the history of the Nordic flags) was cobbled together rather hastily. What really annoyed me was the fact that, toward the end of the lecture, three twits near the front decided that a gossiping session would pass the time nicely. They were still talking when I took my place at the podium and began my presentation. It irritated me so much that I actually rapped my knuckles on the podium and said "Right, you three over there. I'm the one talking now. Could you please shut up so I can get on with my presentation?" The looks on their faces were priceless. I think I managed to make three new enemies right then and there.

I also think I made a new enemy not five minutes ago. I've been accosted by telemarketers for the past week, and I've managed to get rid of them by saying they were calling at an inappropriate moment, but this time I stupidly answered the phone without looking too closely at the number. The salesperson sounded older than the average teletwit, but god, she was just as irritating as the younger ones. I listened politely to the offer (mobile phone carrier, the old "get new phone for one euro, sell your soul to our company in return" deal), then politely declined. She pressed on, so I declined a second time, thanking her for the offer in a rather sickly sweet tone. Realizing she'd been defeated, she rang off with a bitchy-sounding "Thank you and merry Christmas, then!". Yes, screw you too, you old bat.

My head is still tired from all the assignments I've been fighting with. Tuesday was a bit of a nightmare, as it began with three hours (!) of interpreting from Danish. I woke up late, rushed over to uni and practically ran into the interpreting studio, flung myself down and tried to find pen and paper as we'd be interpreting consecutively for the first half hour. The speaker's Danish was rather clear, thankfully, but he went on and on apparently without realizing that it was hell on the person interpreting. Of course I got all the tricky terms and rambly parts, argh. (We'd been sent material, but I'd been so busy that I hadn't had time to read it, so I was even more lost.) However, the teacher seemed to think I did well, so I'll go with that. I really need to work on my note-taking, though, because I write far too much.

The remaining time (a little over two hours) was spent interpreting simultaneously, and that was a bit easier. We (older students) were paired up with the people doing the basic studies course, and I ended up with a girl who was a bit of a twit. I kept telling her to at least try to say something when she got stuck, but she just sat there and kept silent. I ended up taking over several times, out of sheer frustration. Yes, this was only an exercise, but we're always told to act as though the situation is real.

In an absurd twist, the next lecture also featured the same speaker. The lecturer responsible for the course was my interpreting teacher, and she'd apparently decided to get as much mileage out of the speaker as possible. This wouldn't have been a bad thing, had it not been for the fact that he held the same damn speeches over again. Needless to say, I spent most of the lecture trying to finish up the LSP translation assignment I'd promised to hand in that afternoon. (I ended up writing frantically for two hours after the lecture, but managed to finish the assignment and handed it to the professor about half an hour before she was due to leave for her winter break. Yaye for last-minute hand-ins.)

Two exams, a report and a speech to go. And four challenge fics, one of which is due on Monday morning and which I haven't even started on yet. Oh god, why have my RPS muses died? *flops*
Empy FTW when it comes to the conversation analysis! Yep, I managed to snag the overnight copy, and I've spent over two stressed hours writing the assignment. It's not perfect, but it'll have to do, because I'm sick and tired of it.

My first thought upon waking up this morning was "Oh, so it's one of those days", because I managed to get my fingers caught in a cupboard door when I went to make coffee, and I also stabbed myself in the gums while brushing my teeth. Then, as I was trying write the assignment without the proper material, our janitor decided it was a good time to start using a leaf blower. I felt like opening the kitchen window and yelling "Stop that this instant or I'll shove it up your arse and turn it on full blast!". I.hate.leaf.blowers.
Then, as I went to collect the mail before running off the university library, I found a note from Akateeminen (online bookstore), telling me that my order for Hugh Laurie's The Gun Seller will be delayed as their stockist had run out of copies. Argh!

Dear day, now would be a good time to start improving.
Love, me.

Oh, and a note: This is your final chance to sign up for a holiday card from Finland! The post is here.
I survived the double exam (sociolinguistics and media theory) today. Go me. *weak wave* I wrote until my fingers hurt*1 and finished five minutes before the bell, then staggered out of the hall to sit down and have a bit of a chat with [livejournal.com profile] littlemimm, who'd also taken the sociolinguistics exam. Unfortunately both of us had things needing to be done asap, so it was only a brief chat.

And now for something completely different: thank you for the lovely card, [livejournal.com profile] annmarwalk! It brightened up my day. :)

In more whiny news: of course I managed to accidentally skip the most important chapter when I copied parts of a conversation analysis textbook today. Argh. Of course there isn't a single available copy in the library at the moment (I photocopied parts of the overnight copy today), and the earliest I can get my hands on the overnight copy is at half past midday tomorrow. Argh. The assignment deadline is tomorrow as well, though I'm seriously considering delaying my hand-in accidentally on purpose. That, or I can make things up when needing to refer to the missing chapter. All that's required is a few references to the chapter when discussing CA projects in the Nordic countries, and if all else fails, I can write around it today and check the overnight copy tomorrow before handing in the assignment. Of course, this all hinges on me being able to get my hands on the overnight copy tomorrow. Wish me luck.

*1I also used the word 'fetishization' too many times in my answers, and may have managed several double passives. Too much academic writing.
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( Nov. 29th, 2006 06:16 pm)
Could someone please put me out my misery?

I think I'm running a slight fever, because I feel cold and far too fuzzy in the head today. (Granted, I fell into bed at about a quarter past two last night/this morning, but I slept until nine, so it's hardly a lack of sleep.) Everything, be it typing up a newsletter or going through sociolinguistics notes for the exam tomorrow or making coffee, seems extraordinarily difficult at the moment. My brain responds to commands at roughly the same speed as a frozen prawn.

Bah. And I can't even curl up on the couch and sleep, because I need to study (and make notes for challenge fic and prepare portfolios for two different courses and...). Do not want.
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( Nov. 10th, 2006 05:25 pm)
It's that time of autumn again, it seems. I'm up to my ears in work again, and everything overlaps everything else in the most convoluted ways possible. Thankfully, I'm still able to laugh at what the stress is doing to me. The day before yesterday, a telemarketer called, and the conversation went thus:
Telemarketer: "Hi, this is X from Helsingin Sanomat. Am I calling at a bad t--"
Me: "Yes!" *hangs up*

In addition to that, I flailed around yesterday, looking for a course book that I desperately needed, only to find that the single available overnight copy had indeed been returned to the university library before noon but wouldn't be reshelved until half past twelve, something which didn't suit me at all, as I had a lecture from twelve to two. I didn't harbour any hope of getting my hands on the book after the lecture, as there are sixteen people in the course group and only seven copies of the book. Luckily, the teacher responsible for the course was also responsible for the lecture that was preventing me from getting my paws on the book, and it turned out she had an extra copy in her personal office library. (Thank you, fate. It seems you occasionally find it in your heart to be kind.) She let me borrow her copy while she took a coffee break, so I was able to photocopy the pages I needed.

Of course, not everything fixes itself in that manner. I've found that I have two exams on the same day, meaning I have to write both in the space allotted for one (three hours), and that I may miss the last lecture of the LSP course, as it overlaps exactly with the double exam. *headdesk* What's even more hilarious, both the exams are for the same teacher. I also need to speed-read a few novels for a home reading course and try to fit in a viva voce exam between the 27th of November and the 5th of December.

The overlap doesn't end there, though. Oh no. Next Monday, I have to attend a lecture on Norwegian film-making and interpret from Norwegian into Finnish for a minimum of half an hour. (And we're using the whisper kit, which scares the crap out of me, because the gear is really expensive and I'm afraid I'll break it. The one we're using cost over 3000e, and that's for a used kit, not a new one. Eek.) After that, I have to dash off to another lecture and deliver a presentation on how to hold speeches. Ack. Tuesday is no better: I have to attend a public lecture on sensory integration (whatever that is) and observe the interpreters. In addition to this, I have to write a 2-3 page report.

I'm a bit insane on the fannish front as well: I seem to recall deciding to cut down on the challenges this year, but I now find myself doing four challenges and co-moding the [livejournal.com profile] lotr_sesa Christmas FPF exchange. (Which needs more participants. *puppy eyes* Please? You can request slash, het or gen; fic or fanart. The signup post is here. *offers candy canes*)

Right, back to studying for the Italian exam now. No, scratch that. First coffee, then textbooks. I'm so decaffeinated that I thought I had to put together the [livejournal.com profile] middleearthnews newsletter today, completely forgetting that I'm the Wednesday editor. Yeah.

EtA: As you can see, I'm a bit busy, so I'm lagging when it comes to replying to comments and emails. I'll try to catch up when things aren't as insane.
I feel awful. My nose is slightly less stuffy (though only very slightly less stuffy), but I've been coughing so much both my throat and my sternum (!) are sore. The cough syrup I've been taking seems to have the wrong effect, as it only makes me cough more. It's supposed to be for dry cough*, which I think I have, and it's helped in the past, but this cough will have none of it. Bah. I also keep sneezing, and it's rather unpleasant when you're all blocked up. What's worse, I can't use nasal spray to unblock my nose, because it irritates my nasal lining terribly and makes it feel like I'm about to sneeze all the time. Surely you know the feeling: that burn in your nose that makes you draw short deep breaths in the hope of bringing on the sneeze that's hiding just behind your sinuses. Interesting dilemma, that: either keep sneezing and sniffling, breathing laboriously through one unblocked nostril, or use nasal spray to feel like you're about to sneeze all the time and to be forced to blow your nose every thirty seconds.

Yesterday, I emailed the lecturer responsible for the exam and told her I can't attend it. I think it's better that I rest, because in my current state, I doubt I'd be able to produce anything coherent. My head feels all stuffy, both literally and figuratively, and focusing on anything is a bit difficult. I also wanted to show some consideration for my fellow students, as they'd probably go mad after having to listen to me coughing my way through the exam and blowing my nose every five seconds. EtA: [livejournal.com profile] littlemimm (who took the same exam) talked to the lecturer on my behalf and reported that there'll probably be a retake in November. I don't know if that'll be the third one or if she means to schedule one only for me. (The retake in November would be the second and last one, and it would annoy me if I had to attend that one, as I would have to pass directly. However, based on what Mimm said about the questions, it shouldn't be all that difficult.)

I also emailed my interpreting teacher to say I can't do the presentation because my voice is so raspy and because I keep coughing. Hopefully, she'll see the email before the lecture, as I know she was away yesterday and probably didn't check her email. Son of EtA: She saw the email before the lecture, and we rescheduled the presentation. I'll be doing it next week.

At any rate, I think she'll understand, because she's an interpreter and knows that if your voice goes, you're screwed. I also told her on Tuesday that I'd do the presentation provided my cold didn't get worse and/or affect my voice. As you can see, it did both, with bells on. All I need now is a fever, which I suspect might be lurking around the corner. My hands and feet are ice cold, but I feel uncomfortable in that slightly feverish way. Grr, why is my thermometer hiding? I need it.

*It's beginning to turn raspy, though, and as I typed this, I had a rather painful coughing fit that left me feeling like someone had just scrubbed the underside of my sternum with steel wool. Gah. I really don't need this.
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( Sep. 27th, 2006 05:56 pm)
What I thought was a mildly annoying case of the sniffles has turned into a nose-like-a-tap cold. I'm coughing a bit less, but the runny nose is annoying the hell out of me. And what's worse, my voice is getting more and more hoarse.

I really don't need this. I have a presentation on Friday morning, plus an exam directly after it, then a discussion-heavy lecture, so I can't afford losing my voice or getting ill. Judging by how I feel now, even attending tomorrow's LSP lecture seems like a less than pleasant prospect. Also, I wonder how I'm going to be able to sit the exam without pushing my fellow students to the breaking point by sniffling, sneezing and coughing all the time.

Blah. I need tea.

*makes a nest of blankets*
*curls up*
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( Aug. 1st, 2006 10:18 am)
I finally feel like a human being again. I had a massage appointment this morning, and it did me a world of good. My muscles were so tense they hurt, and my shoulders felt like they were made of wood and drawn up somewhere under my ears. Now the worst stiffness is gone, but I still scheduled another appointment just to be on the safe side. And hey, who says I'm not allowed to treat myself to something nice once in a while? ;)

The Italian lectures begin again today, which means I have to dig up the book and my notes, plus get a hold of [livejournal.com profile] littlemimm to check which room the lessons are being held in. I'm sure I've forgotten most of the material already, but there's still time to catch up, so I'm not worried.

Oh, and randomly? Adrian Lester is my new imaginary boyfriend. I've been downloading the first season of Hustle because I wanted to watch it again, and I'm so in love with that show it isn't even funny.

Right, back to answering comments now.
(I owe so many people comments and replies to comments, and I owe people emails as well. *hangs head*) I'm terrible with birthdays, so of course I forgot that it was [livejournal.com profile] pecos's birthday yesterday as well. Happy belated, dear!

The rest of this post is just a quick note: the grades for the thesis course were posted today, and I passed with a 4, the second highest grade. Yay. :) Now I just have to deal with a handful of other courses in the autumn and spring and the Hum. kand. degree should be in the bag. The new Finnish system is a bit odd when it comes to the degrees: though the English equivalent of the Hum. kand. degree is the B.A., it doesn't mean I have it yet, despite having written a B.A. thesis and having passed a maturity exam. Imagine my chagrin when I remembered that. Grr. The most ridiculous part of this is that I, among other things, still have to read 40 study weeks (the older unit of course credits; one sw=40 hours of work) of my minor, and my current minor -interpretation- doesn't even offer forty sw's worth of courses.

It's like I'm enrolled at the Unseen University. (It's not like I haven't suspected it before, though. The online grade system is as stable and logical as Hex, and I keep expecting "+++ Divide By Cucumber Error. Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot +++" when I request a transcript of my records. And yes, the degree reform and subsequent hassle of trying to explain you're still studying according to the old system occasionally has me wanting to run around shouting "Melon melon melon".)

There was something else I was supposed to mention, but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was. *sigh*
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( Jun. 22nd, 2006 08:45 pm)
The results of the B.A. maturity exams were posted today, and I passed! *dances* Yay! I'm still waiting for the grade for the entire course (i.e. the thesis), but technically I've already passed it.

So, it would seem I have a B.A. in English now. Feels a bit weird. I first saw the result listed in the online grade system the university uses (I was killing time at work), and I was so paranoid I had to go check the paper printout on the noticeboard when I took my lunch break. Thankfully, I'm currently slaving away cleaning on campus (no indignity is too severe for a Humanities student, and hey, it's money), so the trip was short. Heh. I stood looking at the paper, but couldn't really get my head around the "passed" bit. (The maturity exam itself isn't graded, it's pass/fail.)

It's a pity Finland doesn't do the whole robe-and-hood thing. I'd love to have some sort of visible proof, really.


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