Winter arrived with a bang about a week ago. Yes, we'd had snow before that, and yes, it was getting colder, but nothing out of the ordinary. And then... wham, the chill hit. Around -15°C for days, and with enough wind chill to bring it down to about -20°C at times. Brr. My body isn't used to the chill yet, so -15°C feels all too cold. Once I get used to it, this'll be nothing. *G* (I just hope this year won't be as cold as December-January last year was.)

Chill like that does have it's perks, though. All the trees have been frosted with rime and look like giant sugar sculptures, and the sky has been amazingly blue and cloudless.

Like this:
Frost-coated birch
Click the pictue to view a larger version
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( Dec. 23rd, 2009 10:03 pm)
I know I said I'd post pictures yesterday, but YT caused me to take a cruise on the failboat. After spending a large chunk of the day hunting for gifts, I was absolutely beat, and spent the evening just staring blankly at the tv instead of uploading pictures. :P

However, today was slightly less manic, so here are the pictures:

Snow, snow and more snow. )

And now, back to trying to get five million things done before tomorrow.

Oh, but before I forget: thank you for the cards, [ profile] tvillingar, [ profile] shalna and [ profile] glenthebunny! And extra squishes to [ profile] credoimprobus (still haven't opened the package, but wanted to let you know it cheered me up SO MUCH).
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( Oct. 14th, 2009 10:18 pm)
(Okay, the subject line is a bit misleading, since these are technically shots of a bay and not of open sea, but...) After all the macro shots, I decided it was time for some sweeping shots. The contrast between the warm, muted colours of the trees and the almost steely blue of the water is really very pleasing, and oddly, it's as though the daylight gets paler as the days grow colder. The late evening light is still golden, but in the early afternoon, the light is quite pale.

Random October shots: Wide waters )
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( Oct. 12th, 2009 10:10 pm)
I didn't post any pictures on Saturday and Sunday, I know. I'm sorry about that. Saturday was spent away from my computer, and on Sunday, my connection was being cranky.

Without further ado, I present more autumnal plants and foliage. If anyone knows what the plant in the second picture is called, drop me a comment. I spotted it when I was visiting my parents, and my mother didn't know what it was called either.

Random October pictures: Details, details )

Thank you for all your kind comments on the pictures posted so far. I'll try to get around to answering them in a timely manner, provided RL cooperates with me.
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( Oct. 9th, 2009 09:57 pm)
Time for some more plant life. One forest-based, another from the edge of the water; both beautiful.

Random October pictures: Leaves )
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( Oct. 8th, 2009 11:17 pm)
These pictures were taken by the bay, and I decided to pick one closeup and one landscape, just to have some contrast. The weather was wonderfully clear, so the second picture ended up being very blue indeed. :)

Random October pictures: Reeds and clear blue skies )
Yet more nature pictures. (I'm sure you're sick of them by now. *g*) The last two pictures were taken by the water, so I headed in among the trees today to get some variation. I wasn't quite able to capture the late light in the way I wanted, but I still like these pictures.

Random October pictures: Into the woods )
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( Oct. 6th, 2009 09:42 pm)
More nature-themed photos today. I took a walk down by the bay this afternoon, in beautiful bright golden sunshine (and freezing wind), and instead of sweeping landscape shots, I focused on abusing the macro setting details.

Random October pictures: Looking closer )
Today's picture wasn't taken by me, because the weather's been too crap for nice autumn photos. (We had a rainstorm during the night, and most of the day was grey, windy and miserable.) My mood hasn't really been that good either, so I ended up browsing macros in an attempt to cheer myself up. The one I chose for today's post does just that, for some odd reason.

Look, it makes me laugh. That's enough. *g* )
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( Oct. 4th, 2009 09:32 pm)
Things that made me happy today: carrot cake. Yes, something that simple. :) I deviated from the recipe a bit by adding a few spices, and it turned out great. The cake smells like gingerbread and tastes wonderful, and I keep going back for one more slice.

Random October picture: Caaaake. Yum. )

EtA: Oh! I almost forgot. Whoever nominated two of my fics for the [ profile] mome_awards, thank you so, so much!
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( Oct. 3rd, 2009 10:26 pm)
I posted a few pictures of the blue evening light yesterday, and here are two more. I rejected these two at first, thinking the angles were off and the composition bad, but when I looked at them again, I found that they're actually not that terrible. Granted, they're a bit wonky, but there's something about how the ground has turned into a solid black silhouette that makes the pictures a bit eerie. The spindly things are actually massively tall industrial chimneys, but they might just as well be old fenceposts, since you can't tell how far away they are. In the second picture, I quite like how the clouds seem to loom very low.

Random October pictures: Clouds and shadows )
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( Oct. 2nd, 2009 10:15 pm)
I'm trying to capture small things that make me happy every day, and today it was the beautiful light just around sunset.

More random October pictures: Evening sky )
The yard is dotted with fallen leaves in bright shades of gold, red and orange, and I wanted to share the beauty.

Random October picture: rowan leaves )
Damn, I'd forgotten how cold I always feel after giving blood in winter. Must be the temporary anemia. Apart from the cold bit, everything went fine, and I was gratified to note that my haemoglobin is back up to its normal high levels. (Mine generally is rather high, 145+.) The RC nurse was a bit shocked by how fast the blood flowed when she'd got the needle in (140ml/min as opposed to the normal 80ml/min), and had to loosen the tourniquet twice, but the flow evened out after a minute or so. The nurse who wrapped my arm was a bit brutal, though, and wrapped the crook of my arm so tightly the hand started looking purple-tinged ten minutes later. (I actually have photographic evidence of this. My fingers look particularly scary in the second one.)

There's a huge bunch of challenge fics I need to get around to reading, but I'm too busy. Wah. (And [ profile] caras_galadhon, I know I owe you email. :) I'll send it as soon as I've tracked down the files.)

The weather has turned cold and snowy again, and since I already linked pictures earlier on, I see no reason not to picspam you again. (Just tell me if you're sick and tired of the pictures, you lot. *g*)

Rowan branches   Winter sky   Wintry street
(Click etc.)

I want to go to bed already, even though it's only half past ten in the evening. Stupid body. *grouches*

(As for the subject line: I did last time.)
Holy shit. The rainstorm I mentioned in the last post is right above us now, and it's turned into something nearing a bloody blizzard. o_O Snow is pelting down at a frightening rate, and the winds are so strong they're rattling the windows.

Pics with varying degree of lens flare:
Snowstorm 27th Oct. 2006   Snowstorm 27th Oct. 2006   Snowstrom 27th Oct. 2006
Click, big, etc.

(I know the quality is terrible, but what did you expect? It's not like snowstorms lend themselves to carefully composed pictures. *g* The darkness doesn't help, either, as all it does is screw with the flash.)

Let's see how long this one lasts. The forecasts say until the morning, but they've been wrong before.

Suomalaisille tiedoksi: iTunes poimi tuon biisin ihan itse kun kirjoitin tätä postia. Nyt pelottaa.

EtA@22.26: Now the lights are blinking. Gah. Best hope the power doesn't go screwy, as my flat has electrical heaters.
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( Sep. 25th, 2006 07:20 pm)
Autumn is very late in coming this year, and the weather is still unseasonably warm. On most days, the average is around 15 degrees centigrade (60-ish for those who use Fahrenheit), and the papers are forever running articles on how it's the warmest autumn in years.
Today I noticed that the leaves have finally begun turning yellow and red, so I grabbed my camera and headed outside. (I wanted to take pictures of the larger rowan trees as well, but I couldn't find a good angle.)

Some of the pictures turned out well, so I now present an autumnal Finnish mini-picspam that's heavy on the macro focus:

Rowan branch

Rowan leaf

Single maple leaf

Single maple leaf #2

Single rowan leaf

My personal favourite is the last one. I really, really like how it turned out.

In other news: I've been feeling a bit under the weather all day today. My nose isn't stuffy, but my throat feels dry and a bit scratchy and I think I have the first tiny beginning of a dry cough. Bleh. I've been drinking ginger tea by the pint, but the dry throat persists, much to my chagrin. It's difficult to focus on interpreting if you have to clear your throat every ten seconds and remember to use the 'cough' button each time.
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( Jun. 27th, 2006 06:52 pm)
Grah. I can't understand why I'm so tired all the time. Granted, the morning shift times are a bit brutal, but it shouldn't be this bad. (On the other hand, as [ profile] littlemimm pointed out, going directly from thesis course to morning shift isn't the same thing as relaxing.)

Anyways, the real point of this post wasn't to whine about my fatigue, but to post pictures as requested in the picture meme.

ashinae asked for a collection of some sort )

annmarwalk asked for the bit of garden nearest my front door )

Here, have a random picture: Two eloping sofas )

Oh, and before I forget: Happy Birthday, [ profile] ladymoonray!
(My lord, it's actually a B2MeM post. :P Hooray. I've lagged so badly it isn't even funny.)

A few months back, I made a LotR card for [ profile] muse_secrets (like PostSecret, but intended for fictives/muses), but it languished on the hd until I found it again yesternight. I finally sat down and finished editing it, and as it's LotR-related, I think it'll do as a B2MeM post. (It's a humble offering, I know, but I'm so horribly busy with uni work right now.)

'Stir not the bitterness in the cup that I mixed for myself...' )

Yes, I know it's angsty, but so is the source material. ;)
Since [ profile] annmarwalk posted beautiful pics of flowers, I thought I'd do a bit of a seasonal picspam as well. There's no hope of flowers here, as we're still all but frozen solid, but I managed to snap a few nice pictures of the snow that fell during the night and morning. I shouldn't complain, as I'll take snow over sleet and slush any day, but I'm starting to pine for spring. When the five-minute walk to campus seems like a recreation of the scene where the Fellowship struggles up Caradhras, I begin to wonder if perhaps I exaggerated a bit when I said I loved winter weather. I'll quote Sam: "Snow's all right on a fine morning, but I like to be in bed while it's falling."

Greetings from the land of ice and snow )

In other, girlier news: Am now a redhead again, thanks to the judicious application of chemicals. I'd been sliding slowly back toward my natural colour, or what I assume is my natural colour, and while I have nothing against the colour in general, I just like myself better when I have red hair. (If you're morbidly curious, I can reveal that my natural colour is somewhere between knotty alder and rye grain, a sort of rather plain gold-tinged light brown.)

I'll try to catch up with comments tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for the congratulations re the previous post. :)
I couldn't resist showing this off. I've been dutiful and domestic all day, and I've cleaned, done laundry and baked bread. The bread turned out so beautifully I had to immortalize it.

Bread in repose. )

The bread is wheat-based bread, with grated apple, wheatgerm, oatmeal and sifted rye flour added, plus sesame seeds as decoration. It tastes great on its own, but it's heavenly if you serve it toasted and with a dash of honey. Mmm.

I love baking. It's one long feast for the senses, from the first scent of brewer's yeast and flour to the feel of dough doubling and bubbling under your fingertips, from the clouds of flour as you braid the bread to the solid heat of the oven. *happy shiver* I could rhapsodize about this all day.

I'll leave you with a quote: "Breadbaking is one of those almost hypnotic businesses, like a dance from some ancient ceremony. It leaves you filled with one of the world's sweetest smells...there is no chiropractic treatment, no Yoga exercise, no hour of meditation in a music-throbbing chapel, that will leave you emptier of bad thoughts than this homely ceremony of making bread."
-M. F. K. Fisher-


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