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( Nov. 5th, 2007 05:05 pm)
*collapses* Finally got the bloody preliminary report sent out to my supervisor and my opponent. It's a little short (22 pages rather than 25, though the longer reports I've looked at have had huge blocks of white space, while I've eschewed using that old trick to swell the page count), but I can't continue before I know if the theory I'm using passes muster with the supervisor. I'll be meeting her on Wednesday, so wish me luck.

No time to rest now, as I have to crack on with a translation commission that has to be done by Wednesday. Do not want.

Reason #2,785 I hate my neighbours: at about three o'clock this morning, the asshats slammed the stairwell door so hard my hall lamp got jolted off its hangings and crashed to the floor, shattering the glass globe. (It's a wall lamp that's not plugged in at the moment, but it hung by its sturdy base on two screws that normally hold it in place well.) My hall is next to and partially under the stairwell to the second floor, so I always hear when someone slams that door. Argh.

*curls up* I'm so stressed and tired that I can't even think of something that might cheer me up. Fail.
In list format, because I am lazy.

- No work today, thank heavens.

- There was snow when I staggered up at half past ten this morning (got home at 2.30 am after spending the day with [livejournal.com profile] littlemimm and [livejournal.com profile] tackerama), but some of it has melted now.

- I'm irrationally irritated with a person (no one on my Flist, mind) right now and want to tell them they're an idiot.

- I still haven't finished the report, because I keep adding and deleting parts of it and avoiding the trickier theory.

- I feel vaguely feverish and lethargic, and I have a thousand things I should have done already.

In nicer and more fannish news: I have to pimp the fic I got for the [livejournal.com profile] sons_of_gondor Halloween Trick or Treat Exchange, because it's fantastic. It's called Pozhaluysta, and it's Sean/Viggo with a liberal lashing of Russian. *fans self* Go read it, it's hot and gah and I can't really phrase how much I like it. :) I have a feeling the writer is someone on my Flist, judging from the clever use of Russian. (Mind you, figuring out I have a thing for languages isn't exactly rocket science. *g*)

I have a feeling it's clear as day which fic I wrote for that challenge. My style tends to be rather obvious. *g*
GO fans on the Flist, can you do me a favour? Can you get your copy of the book and check a detail for me?

I made this into a poll to make it easier. (Note: this only refers to the English edition of the book. However, if you have a translation, you are also welcome to give the title used in that one.) Feel free to elaborate in the comments if the text box feels too restrictive.

[Poll #1076286]
Thanks in advance. :)

I'm asking because I'm rather confused at the moment. My personal physical copy of the book is what I assume is the British paperback (this one, correct me if I'm wrong), published by Corgi. It gives the title as "D-Plan". However, I also have a scanned-in copy which, despite having a scan of the same cover as the Corgi edition, appears to be the American edition. (This assumption is based on the fact that, among other things, it uses "hood" instead of "bonnet" when referring to the police car which Crowley stops at the beginning of the novel. It also gives the title of Sable's book as "Foodless Dieting".) I know there are a few differences in the editions, and I'd like to find them before they do terrible things to my thesis research. I use the electronic copy for quick reference, see, because even though I practically know the damn book by heart, I sometimes need to see how many times a certain word or phrase crops up, and that's when a file version comes in handy.
I suddenly realized I have less than two days left to finish up my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide signup. Eek. I haven't whittled down my list of fandoms to offer (a laughably small number, since a) I've never even heard of a large portion of the nominated fandoms, and b) I'm scared to death of writing most of the fandoms I can offer) yet, and as for my requests... well. I find it about three times as difficult as listing what I can write. I don't know why I'm always so backward about what to ask for. It's as though I think I don't have the right to ask people to write me a gift in return.

What's funny is that every year, without fail, I'll forget that "exchange" means I get something too. I'll panic and fuss over the fic(s), working myself into a frenzy to get them finished and polished, and when they're posted, my first reaction (after "Oh god, I hope my recipient doesn't want to kill me") is "What? There's something for me?".

In addition to the Yuletide fretting, there's an ongoing challenge (deadline in four three four days) which is making me flail all over the place. The pairing scares me.

*holds head* Ow. My poor brain. It's already been pummelled by six hours of thesis research (consisting entirely of going through photocopied essays and books, sticking post-it notes to every second page), so it's just not cooperating.
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( Oct. 15th, 2007 06:31 pm)
I hope there's a special circle of Hell reserved for people who make notes in permanent ink in library books.

It's not your book. You're effectively vandalizing someone else's property.
10-page thesis report: pwned. I'll sleep on it, though, because right now I'm so tired I can't accurately judge if any of makes sense.

I included an incredibly long and nerdy footnote on the arguable mistranslation of one of Aziraphale's lines, and only time will tell if my supervisor still gets up on the wrong side of the wrong bed and bitches about it. Also, guess how many reports were handed in on Monday? One. Out of twelve. As it stands now (half past ten in the pm), two reports have been handed in. (The reason I know this? We post the reports to a shared thesis forum, we don't hand in hard copies.)

In other uni-related news: it seems the Humanities building is more sinister than first thought. Apparently there's been (to quote an email sent out by one of the English professors) "surprise need for an environmental cleanup" and they're "encapsulating and removing toxic substances". o_O They've been renovating the building since late spring because of what we were told was some minor mould issues, but apparently there's something more unpleasant there. The fun bit? The English department is just next to and partially above the affected part. Fun. The email further advised students not to move about in the building more than absolutely necessary, so I suddenly feel much better about having skipped Monday's Norwegian lecture in order to work on the report. *g* What pisses me off about the situation, though, is that the students haven't (to my knowledge) been informed of it. At least I hadn't heard a word about the whole situation before the email dropped into my inbox.

The situation would make for an interesting short story, actually. Toxic earth under the building suddenly breeding poisonous life...
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( Sep. 13th, 2007 05:58 pm)
Today's typo: Catbert instead of Catford. (This probably isn't funny unless you study translation theory, but oh well.)

And now for something completely unrelated: this new cover for the Penguin edition of Lady Chatterley's Lover is strangely alluring. There's something both slightly unpleasant and slightly, well, erotic about it, and my brain is conflicted. Right now, it's settled for wallowing in filth, just as it tends to do when confronted with something puzzling.

And how has your day been?

Also, sort-of-new icon, courtesy of the lovely [livejournal.com profile] snowgrouse.
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( Sep. 6th, 2007 07:42 pm)
I seem to have an M.A. thesis subject.

Before this Monday, the thesis had merely loomed in the future and been something labelled "To be dealt with", since I still have some courses left to finish. (It is generally recommended that you complete all your courses before starting work on your M.A.) So what happened on Monday? Well, I went to see the head of the department to ask about an advanced course and came out an hour later with a bunch of paper and a suggestion for a thesis. The dean had looked at the courses I'd taken, and then briskly noted "You're mostly done, so you should start working on your Master's thesis now. Sign up for the seminar so you can start. I have some material here that you could use." (For an approximation of the expression on my face when I heard this, see icon.)

I spent the next three days flailing around, trying to get my head around the subject and what material I might use (and boring all friends to tears with my incessant whining). Dead ends everywhere. I finally thought of another subject twenty minutes before the seminar lecture was due to start. I was intensively relieved when the new subject seemed to meet with the approval of the seminar supervisor (who is also the dean of the department).

The subject? It seems like it's shaping up to be an analysis of the translations of puns in the Swedish edition of Good Omens, with an eye to domestication/foreignization, translation tactics and culture-dependent expressions. I may regret this.


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