Title: Underfoot
Author: [livejournal.com profile] empy
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Pairing: General Hux/Kylo Ren
Rating: hard R
Disclaimer: Not my characters, I just make stuff up.
Warnings: shades of dubcon and D/s.

Note: Dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] caras_galadhon, because she's the one who planted the idea. ♥
Note II: This is the picture that spawned this: http://bit.ly/1kYu2Cy . I mentioned that Hux's boots were very shiny, and she noted it looked like /someone/ was keeping them well-polished. And then this happened. (No, I have no idea either.)

Also available on the AO3 here if you'd rather read/comment there.

Underfoot )
Dear poster in a ficfinding community that shall remain nameless: if you refer to Hephaistion as "Phai" ever again, I will beat you with a sock full of coins.
Today, as I was wandering around aimlessly in a local store, I came across some cheap standing mirrors and decided to take a closer look since I'd been thinking about getting one of them for ages. I walked up to one and stood in front of it (as one does), and my first reaction was "No wonder they're going cheap. There has to be a surface warp or flaw in the mirror. I am not that skinny!"

Yeah. I don't know what that says about my self-image and confidence. :(
empyreus: (foolish)
( Mar. 28th, 2008 10:34 am)
I fixed the Semagic issue. Turns out it was caused by the stupidest error of all: a bad download. For some reason, using the main dl link on the Sourceforge page got me two bad downloads.(One of the first things I did when it failed was download the installer again.) When I used the backup/mirror link, everything worked perfectly and Semagic installed without a single problem.

I feel like such an idiot.
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( Jun. 30th, 2005 10:54 pm)
There are a few things at work that remain mysteries to me. One of the more bizarre ones is The Mystery of the Crisp Crumbs.

In every room where the inhabitants have eaten crisps (either the Pringles from the minibar or crisps they've brought along), there has been an inordinate amount of crumbs all over the wall-to-wall carpet. The crumbs haven't just been centered around the chairs or the bed, but have actually been all over the carpet. What is that about? Is there some sort of god of vacations and hotels who demands that nightly offerings of crisp crumbs be deposited all over the carpet? It's not that difficult to eat crisps without a mess, people. Keeping your mouth closed while chewing helps, as does actually putting the crisps in your mouth and not on the floor. I feel like writing a short story about Hrafnur, Dark God of Crisps in Hotels, a.k.a He Who Dwells in the Carpet.

I can relate to [livejournal.com profile] darkie's earlier lament re inept workmates. I'm not saying I'm infallible or a pro, and I'm still learning at work. I know I'm not as fast as I can be, but I pride myself on at least trying to improve.

I was stuck with another newbie (though I actually think she's been in the house a week longer than I have) today, and at the end of the day I felt ready to climb the walls. One of the last rest stops on the way to the acme of human stupidity, a.k.a my day with a n00b )

If they pair me up with her again tomorrow, I will scream. Yes I will. (At least I'll swear under my breath. I can't very well scream in the laundry room. It'd scare the guests.)


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