I survived the double exam (sociolinguistics and media theory) today. Go me. *weak wave* I wrote until my fingers hurt*1 and finished five minutes before the bell, then staggered out of the hall to sit down and have a bit of a chat with [livejournal.com profile] littlemimm, who'd also taken the sociolinguistics exam. Unfortunately both of us had things needing to be done asap, so it was only a brief chat.

And now for something completely different: thank you for the lovely card, [livejournal.com profile] annmarwalk! It brightened up my day. :)

In more whiny news: of course I managed to accidentally skip the most important chapter when I copied parts of a conversation analysis textbook today. Argh. Of course there isn't a single available copy in the library at the moment (I photocopied parts of the overnight copy today), and the earliest I can get my hands on the overnight copy is at half past midday tomorrow. Argh. The assignment deadline is tomorrow as well, though I'm seriously considering delaying my hand-in accidentally on purpose. That, or I can make things up when needing to refer to the missing chapter. All that's required is a few references to the chapter when discussing CA projects in the Nordic countries, and if all else fails, I can write around it today and check the overnight copy tomorrow before handing in the assignment. Of course, this all hinges on me being able to get my hands on the overnight copy tomorrow. Wish me luck.

*1I also used the word 'fetishization' too many times in my answers, and may have managed several double passives. Too much academic writing.
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( Nov. 29th, 2006 06:16 pm)
Could someone please put me out my misery?

I think I'm running a slight fever, because I feel cold and far too fuzzy in the head today. (Granted, I fell into bed at about a quarter past two last night/this morning, but I slept until nine, so it's hardly a lack of sleep.) Everything, be it typing up a newsletter or going through sociolinguistics notes for the exam tomorrow or making coffee, seems extraordinarily difficult at the moment. My brain responds to commands at roughly the same speed as a frozen prawn.

Bah. And I can't even curl up on the couch and sleep, because I need to study (and make notes for challenge fic and prepare portfolios for two different courses and...). Do not want.
I feel awful. My nose is slightly less stuffy (though only very slightly less stuffy), but I've been coughing so much both my throat and my sternum (!) are sore. The cough syrup I've been taking seems to have the wrong effect, as it only makes me cough more. It's supposed to be for dry cough*, which I think I have, and it's helped in the past, but this cough will have none of it. Bah. I also keep sneezing, and it's rather unpleasant when you're all blocked up. What's worse, I can't use nasal spray to unblock my nose, because it irritates my nasal lining terribly and makes it feel like I'm about to sneeze all the time. Surely you know the feeling: that burn in your nose that makes you draw short deep breaths in the hope of bringing on the sneeze that's hiding just behind your sinuses. Interesting dilemma, that: either keep sneezing and sniffling, breathing laboriously through one unblocked nostril, or use nasal spray to feel like you're about to sneeze all the time and to be forced to blow your nose every thirty seconds.

Yesterday, I emailed the lecturer responsible for the exam and told her I can't attend it. I think it's better that I rest, because in my current state, I doubt I'd be able to produce anything coherent. My head feels all stuffy, both literally and figuratively, and focusing on anything is a bit difficult. I also wanted to show some consideration for my fellow students, as they'd probably go mad after having to listen to me coughing my way through the exam and blowing my nose every five seconds. EtA: [livejournal.com profile] littlemimm (who took the same exam) talked to the lecturer on my behalf and reported that there'll probably be a retake in November. I don't know if that'll be the third one or if she means to schedule one only for me. (The retake in November would be the second and last one, and it would annoy me if I had to attend that one, as I would have to pass directly. However, based on what Mimm said about the questions, it shouldn't be all that difficult.)

I also emailed my interpreting teacher to say I can't do the presentation because my voice is so raspy and because I keep coughing. Hopefully, she'll see the email before the lecture, as I know she was away yesterday and probably didn't check her email. Son of EtA: She saw the email before the lecture, and we rescheduled the presentation. I'll be doing it next week.

At any rate, I think she'll understand, because she's an interpreter and knows that if your voice goes, you're screwed. I also told her on Tuesday that I'd do the presentation provided my cold didn't get worse and/or affect my voice. As you can see, it did both, with bells on. All I need now is a fever, which I suspect might be lurking around the corner. My hands and feet are ice cold, but I feel uncomfortable in that slightly feverish way. Grr, why is my thermometer hiding? I need it.

*It's beginning to turn raspy, though, and as I typed this, I had a rather painful coughing fit that left me feeling like someone had just scrubbed the underside of my sternum with steel wool. Gah. I really don't need this.
(I owe so many people comments and replies to comments, and I owe people emails as well. *hangs head*) I'm terrible with birthdays, so of course I forgot that it was [livejournal.com profile] pecos's birthday yesterday as well. Happy belated, dear!

The rest of this post is just a quick note: the grades for the thesis course were posted today, and I passed with a 4, the second highest grade. Yay. :) Now I just have to deal with a handful of other courses in the autumn and spring and the Hum. kand. degree should be in the bag. The new Finnish system is a bit odd when it comes to the degrees: though the English equivalent of the Hum. kand. degree is the B.A., it doesn't mean I have it yet, despite having written a B.A. thesis and having passed a maturity exam. Imagine my chagrin when I remembered that. Grr. The most ridiculous part of this is that I, among other things, still have to read 40 study weeks (the older unit of course credits; one sw=40 hours of work) of my minor, and my current minor -interpretation- doesn't even offer forty sw's worth of courses.

It's like I'm enrolled at the Unseen University. (It's not like I haven't suspected it before, though. The online grade system is as stable and logical as Hex, and I keep expecting "+++ Divide By Cucumber Error. Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot +++" when I request a transcript of my records. And yes, the degree reform and subsequent hassle of trying to explain you're still studying according to the old system occasionally has me wanting to run around shouting "Melon melon melon".)

There was something else I was supposed to mention, but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was. *sigh*
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( Jun. 22nd, 2006 08:45 pm)
The results of the B.A. maturity exams were posted today, and I passed! *dances* Yay! I'm still waiting for the grade for the entire course (i.e. the thesis), but technically I've already passed it.

So, it would seem I have a B.A. in English now. Feels a bit weird. I first saw the result listed in the online grade system the university uses (I was killing time at work), and I was so paranoid I had to go check the paper printout on the noticeboard when I took my lunch break. Thankfully, I'm currently slaving away cleaning on campus (no indignity is too severe for a Humanities student, and hey, it's money), so the trip was short. Heh. I stood looking at the paper, but couldn't really get my head around the "passed" bit. (The maturity exam itself isn't graded, it's pass/fail.)

It's a pity Finland doesn't do the whole robe-and-hood thing. I'd love to have some sort of visible proof, really.
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( Jun. 9th, 2006 09:42 pm)
The B.A. maturity exam is tomorrow, and I have a feeling I should be fretting about it. I'm not, though, mostly because I'm too tried. Work isn't terribly taxing, but the hours are. My shift starts at six in the morning, which means my sleeping patterns are all over the place. I'm generally so tired when I come home (around half past one) that I can barely bring myself to make coffee, and that, you'll agree, is worrying. ;) In addition to this, I have Italian classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and they run from five to a quarter past eight in the evening. As a result, I have even less of a life than before. I'm also terrible at commenting and/or keeping up with the Flist right now, and I apologize if I've missed something important.

In addition to not quite managing to be nervous, I'm also relieved that there was one more exam date before the fifteenth, as it means the academic credits count towards this academic year, not the next. (And it means I technically manage to get the B.A. before my 25th birthday, just like I'd set out to do years ago.) My seminar supervisor had requested that we write the exams before the fifteenth, as he has to correct entrance exams after that date. Fine, I thought, I'll leave him a note* and ask him to set the question for that date. I did so on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday afternoon, the note and exam envelope*2 were still in his in tray. At that point, I got so annoyed that I sought out the assistant and asked her to call him and get him to come fetch the envelope before things got ugly. I refrained from saying that I'd have the fucker wear his guts for garters if he didn't, though.
I told her to call me or send me a message when he picked up the envelope, and she did, so I didn't have to beat the supervisor up. Lord knows I wanted to, though. All he needed to do was set one (!) question and have it translated*3 at the department of Nordic languages. That's it. That and give the envelope to the person responsible for coordinating the exams. Honestly. And he calls us lazy. *eyeroll*

Am I permitted to whine a bit more? Good. My throat feels odd and a bit scratchy, as though I've caught a cold. I made ginger tea to soothe the scratchiness, but I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the ginger, because my mouth burns.

Today wasn't completely horrible, though: I got the minutes from the workshop where I acted as interpreter, and it felt both strange and a bit exhilarating to see "Interpreter" next to my name in the list of participants. Yes, I'm a bit sad like that. ;)

Oh, and utterly randomly: I revamped the journal over a week ago, but forgot to post about it. Eh. I quite like the new look, even if it meant giving up Minas Tirith as a header image. (And you don't want to know how much time I spent on tinkering with the Latin.)

*He is infamous for refusing to communicate via email, for missing or avoiding his own office hour and for generally being a bit of a stubborn bastard. (You've seen me rant about it before.) Furthermore, he actually requested that I leave a note in his in tray about the exam. Wtf? Which century is this?

*2 Part of the process. Some exams are sc. "envelope exams", meaning the student marks a special envelope with course details and their own name and student details when registering for the exam, then hands in the envelope to the examiner. I have no clue as to why it's done that way. Probably because they need to keep them separate from other random exam papers.

*3 Students write the maturity exam in their mother tongue. Technically, mine is Finnish, but I grew up bilingual and attended Swedish schools for the first twelve years, so the supervisor gave me a choice. I chose Swedish, as I feel it's my stronger language when it comes to academic texts. My supervisor is British, hence the need for translation.

([livejournal.com profile] caras_galadhon, I seem to have taken a liking to your footnote system. I hope that's okay with you. :))
I'm not really here, I'm frantically writing the last of my (so-so) B.A. thesis so I can send my opponent a version of it a few days before the rest get it. I haven't been to see the supervisor (eek), but I think I can get away with it. Look, he knows what I'm writing about and he knows I can write proper academic English. Isn't that enough?

The rest of this week is one long stretch of work, work and more work. Tomorrow, I have Danish at eight in the morning, then I have to meet with a fellow interpreting student to discuss a project (amount of material surveyed: nada), plus I have to submit an analysis of an article.
Thursday: I need to hand in the final version of the B.A. *fretfretpanic*
Friday: four hours of interpreting at a mock conference which will double as an endurance test. Apparently, it will be attended by at least two extra groups of people, which means the listening audience will be at least twice as big as the intended one. Oh well, if I can handle interpreting consecutively and alone for three hours in front of forty-odd people, I can handle four hours of interpreting simultaneously from a booth with a partner and having the same amount or more listen in. At least they're not looking directly at us, as we're way up high and behind them. (The auditorium is fairly large, and the interpreting booths are up near the ceiling at the back.)
Saturday: Latin exam. It's a retake of the one I attended a few weeks ago, and I'm fairly confident I'll be able to improve my grade this time around.

I had to email one of the teachers and ask for (yet another) extension of a deadline, but I don't feel all that guilty over it. I'd originally asked for a slight extension because of schedule clashes, but since then, I've had to shuffle dates like mad because of lecture changes which led to even more clashes. Aiee.

I'll be beating my head against the keyboard if anyone needs me.

[Super-secret Finnish message for [livejournal.com profile] littlemimm: anteeksi etten ollut eilen/tänään AIMissa. Minulla on aivan liikaa tekemistä. :/ No, onneksi kandi on jotenkuten kasassa, kunhan tajuaisin miten kytkeä argumentit yhteen tunkematta mukaan kaikenlaista toistoa ja kehäpäätelmää.]
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( Apr. 23rd, 2006 11:17 am)
I passed the Latin exam! The grade wasn't best possible (a two on a scale from one to five, where five is the highest), but considering I hadn't even studied for the damn thing, I'm really satisfied. I mean, I didn't even expect to pass.

There were only five of us taking the exam this time around (there will be two other instances for those who either couldn't make it this time around or who want to improve their grade), so the teacher sent us our grades via text message after he'd corrected the tests.

Just.whoa. I'm still going to attend the second exam and attempt to improve my grade, though because I'm a perfectionist language dork.

One more exam down, five written exams and a viva voce exam to go.
Short run-by update re the Latin exam: it wasn't a total disaster. I still doubt I'll pass, but I was surprised to find that I actually managed to translate most of the texts and even conjugate and classify a few of the given verbs. Always nice to realize you don't suck quite as much as you feared. ;)

Also: one of the texts we had to translate from Latin into Finnish was a dialogue piece, and the teacher had given one of the characters my name. Cheeky fucker. Yes, my first name is Latin (albeit slightly tweaked: the initial Ae has been elided into E), but still. *shakes head* All my lines were terribly long, too. I wonder if he was trying to get a point across with it? ;)
Ow. I keep telling people that fencing isn't dangerous, and at the same time I keep getting injured. Eh. Yesterday I got hit fairly hard in the right arm during a bout, and I now have a big bruise that is a lovely blue-ish purple shade. Today a fellow fencer accidentally elbowed me in the nose during warm-ups, but luckily she wasn't moving very fast, so there was no harm done. (The warm-ups we were doing were, incidentally, the same ones in which I've been punched in the face and had my hand stepped on before. Maybe I should skip it next time.)

The Russian exam today wasn't as bad as I had feared, but I totally blanked on the word "gribi", which showed up twice. (It means 'mushrooms', btw.) I may also have misspelled a word, but I think that's the extent of my mistakes, so I should pass the exam. I hope. (I love the Cyrillic script, btw. It's so swirly and elegant, especially if you follow the 'old' mode of writing. It also feels more sophisticated to use than the block letters that you learn in the beginning.)

Randomly: is anyone else having troubles accessing their Gmail inbox? I keep getting a 502 server error. *kicks Gmail* Never mind. Of course it started working three seconds after I'd posted the whine.


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