I cried, I giggled, I gasped with both amazement and surprise. And the 3D was nice, not too obtrusive and still impressive.

Also: Oh, Loki. LOKI. Where do I even begin, you eternal trickster? ♥

(Also: Hobbit trailer #1 during previews. FHSjghsjkghs it's so pretty in 3D.)

From: [identity profile] snowgrouse.livejournal.com

Smaug's voice may have done things to my pelvic floor muscles. To the point where I nearly fell off my seat. And then Loki in bondage happened and I seriously had to brace myself on the armrests.

From: [identity profile] empy.livejournal.com

Ah yes, the collar. Definitely a "Thank you for punching me incredibly hard RIGHT IN THE KINK" moment. I think I let out a little whine.

(Smaug's voice, oh yes. It's lovely, and I may have made undignified noises when I first heard it. Pity the trailer they showed last night was the other one, the one where you see Smaug's head but in which he doesn't speak at all.)

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